Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kitty update

Frances is doing a lot better. Her animal hospital's radiologist is out, so we had to take her for an ultrasound and then back to the animal hospital today. The iv fluids she has been on seemed to put some spunk back into her. She remembered that she doesn't like being the cage or the car and whined the whole way there and back. The ultrasound confirmed the original diagnosis and didn't show anything else, although she is very anemic.
When we left her today, they were about to put in a feeding tube so she can get some nutrition, which will hopefully address the anemia, and if all goes according to plan, she'll be home on Saturday or Sunday. Max is a bit confused and lonely with his sister's absence, so we'll all be happy when she's back.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stressed Out Kitty!

Moving twice in six weeks has taken a toll on us, but it has really taken a toll on our little kitty Frances. Frances doesn't get much air time on the ole blog because she isn't quite the attention getter that her brother Max is. While Max likes to be in the middle of everything, Frances likes chilling out, and enjoys a good cuddle. She can get a little spazzy, but is just generally a friendly little kitty.
Frances hasn't take well to Narberth. While I'm sure she loves the house (who wouldn't?!), she has been spending a lot of time hiding in the guest room between boxes, and seems generally disinterested, but not in an aloof cat kind of way. Last night it was clear she wasn't herself, so it was off to the vet. From the vet, she went to the 24 hr animal hospital, where she was diagnosed with Hepatic Liver Disease. Turns out that not eating or drinking will do that to a cat... It will also lead them to loose 5 pounds, which is a huge percentage of body weight.
She is now receiving a kitty iv with fluids, and they are trying to stimulate her appetite. Tomorrow she goes somewhere else for an ultrasound, and then we'll know the whole story. Fortunately, its treatable, and she can be 100% back to normal in about a month, assuming the ultrasound doesn't reveal anything else. So we are hoping for the best, and I'll get to see her tomorrow when we go for the ultrasound. But the house seems a bit empty without the little black cat...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pictures, finally

Three weeks after moving in, the house is starting to finally come together. We successfully sold furniture that we no longer want in our life on Craig's List this weekend. Our lime green adirondack chairs are gracing our front porch,
the new grill is on the back deck, we have at least one hanging towel bar in our bathroom and life is good. There is still lots to do, but things are really taking shape.
Over the past few weeks, there are a few knitting projects that have also taken shape. A few months ago, I picked up some Classic Elite Obsession at String. Unplied cashmere is a beautiful, luscious thing.
But how does this knit up? Quite nicely, thank you very much. This jumbled mess is actually a scarf with a little ruffled edge, which will be wonderful for the winter.
The yarn sort of variegates as it goes, but all of the colors are always incorporated.
I also finished the pink baby blanket which is HUGE. 36" square. Here it is in progress on the plane to Sedda's wedding...
That was about 2 months ago, and now it is done! Now its just a question of which of my wonderful friends expecting little girls will be the recipient... And time to get started on a sweater for the other. I tried the baby kimono is the be sweet bamboo which I picked up at Loop, but the drape is all wrong. Now I need to find a) another project for four balls of bamboo and b) another baby project. Preferably these will be one and the same. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
So while I'm thinking about this, I'll be watching the debate with Scott and Max. Yes, my cat is watching the debate. He's not a convential cat - we think he's hoping for a Kucinich/Gravel ticket. Fortunately he is not registered to vote.
These days, I think my vote is with Edwards. Don't tell my cat.

Babies everywhere

It seems like everyone is pregnant or has a very small child. All three of my bridesmaids are pregnant. My cousin Holly and her husband Matt just adopted a little girl, and her sister Caren is due in January. Ginny and Oren's baby #2 is adorable.
My biological time-bomb is continuing to tick loudly, and maybe I'll join the pregnancy ranks one of these days.
Now, here is the interesting thing. As a woman, you spend much of your adult fertile life focused on not getting pregnant. By the time you hit thirty, if you're like me, you have tried a bunch of different pills, you perhaps had a Seinfeld moment when the today sponge originally went off the market (theoretically, of course), and you don't have any issues buying your own condoms. Maybe you've taken the morning after pill, or gone with a friend to planned parenthood. Our focus has been on not getting a disease and not getting pregnant.
So when you are ready to get pregnant, its a whole mind shift. To understand how to get pregnant when for most of your adult life its been what you are trying to avoid takes some study. Of course, most women probably don't actually study up on this, but I've been doing some reading. And starting to learn quite a bit. It'll have to be a few unsuccessful months of just plain old trying before we delve into ovulation tests and basal body temp monitoring. More to come in the next few months on this...
Until then, here is a little baby kimono for Holly & Matt's daughter Maya (who we are meeting in a few weeks!)