Friday, June 29, 2007

Bustin a Move

That's what we are doing tomorrow - bustin a move to Narberth. Our floors are done (and they look fabulous) and fumes are nearly gone. The cleaning guy came today, and we've been schlepping car loads over from our temporary place. And as nice as this place has been for a furnished apartment, we're cramped and crowded and ready to get out...
In the past month I've done tons and tons of knitting - although I have no idea where the cord the connects camera to the computer is, so no pictures just yet. The baby blanket for Neely's baby is almost finished, the baby kimono that was originally for Katie's baby is finished (but now its for my cousin Holly's baby girl, who we didn't know was coming quite so quickly because she was adopted), and the little booties and hat set for Jennie's baby is also done. Maybe I could do some knitting for grown-ups one of these days....
The exploration of Main Line yarn shops has begun. Ewe and I is a nice little shop in Bryn Mawr that has a good selection, and they seem very friendly. They also have a little needlepoint section. Frou Frou was less impressive, probably because they have a whole lot of one thing, and limited selections of other things. They seem to stock every variety and color of Debbie Bliss yarns. In fact, when I went to check it out, Debbie Bliss herself had just left an hour earlier after a talk. But other than that, their selection was not fantastic. Lots of novelty yarns, and not too many interesting small dyers, spinners, etc. But I'm sure its great for the people who like it, and no one is forcing me to shop there, and if I need any Debbie Bliss, I know where to go. There are a few more places to check out, so I'll continue to post my reviews over the next few months. Ok, who am I kidding? It will only take me about a week to make sure I've been to all of them!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bonjour from Montreal!

Scott and I are in Montreal this weekend celebrating our anniversaire. In honor of our location, I will intersperse this post with some random francais. Although I have no idea how to put accents in the right places. I'm sure that'll offend some frenchies, but hopefully they will get over it.
We are eating well - we went to an awesome Vietnamese place in China town - Phuoc Loi - which was some of the meilleur Vietnamese I've had in a long time. And last night nous avons mange a L'Express, which was tres bien. Ce soir, we are going to Au Pied du Cochon. Can someone say Porc?
Salut and tomorrow we'll return to Philadelphia a bit more rotund... and with no pictures cause I forgot the camera!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tomorow is the big day!

After what seems alternatively like eons and the blink of an eye, we are closing on our house tomorrow. Of course, I've become so superstitious that I don't even want to blog about it cause I wouldn't want to jinx anything. But it's so amazing that we're finally here because we've been talking about buying a house for almost three years now.
We're so super close - we're out of our Cranbury house (praise the Lord - I did NOT like that town) and in a beige apartment in Malvern, PA. By the end of the month we'll be in the new place. Pictures tomorrow. Or when life slows down a bit.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Princess Goes Camping and Friends and Family get Married

With the craziness of the past few weeks, and the impending greater craziness of the next few weeks, its a bit of a wonder that I'm blogging right now. Did I mention that we are moving, buying a house, and I'm starting a new job, all while going to a bunch of weddings all over the place? Just a few things going on here... But I'm trying to keep things under Control.
Last week we were at Sedda and Greg's wedding in Yosemite, where I camped.

Yes, Princess went camping. Its hard to believe, but its a good thing that Scott got some photos of me sleeping in the tent, because no one will ever see this again. I see how this is appealing to people, but I am not one of those people. Nature is great, and I appreciate it, but I'd rather sleep in a bed than a tent.
Seriously, this is one of the advances humankind has made over the past several thousand years - moving from tents into sturdier structures. One of the reasons Jews don't camp is that our people did a lot of camping over the course of 40 years in the desert. This was enough for the rest of us. For the rest of eternity. Also, I like having showers readily available. But the wedding was beautiful, and Scott took gorgeous pictures.

And we went from there to DC, via home, on about four hours of sleep, for my cousin Avi's wedding to his wonderful wife Anne. It was another beautiful wedding, but it was a study in contrasts with earlier in the week. Outside vs. Inside, 40 people vs. 200, both elegant in very different ways, and my favorite contrast - a toast about the metaphor of rock climbing as related to marriage vs. a toast by my uncle referencing the rosenbergs and another referencing anne boleyn. We're not really sure how or why these latter two toasts occurred, but fortunately, there were others with metaphors other than execution.

So that is the wedding report for now - check back in two weeks for our final report of the spring wedding season...