Friday, November 23, 2007

FBS on the Loop Blog

Check out this link:
Loop Blog

Thanks to the nice folks at Loop for posting this! They are a fantastic LYS and a place I visit almost every time I go into Center City. It just makes me happy!

And She's Off!

On Sunday I leave for my round the world trip - three countries in two weeks. I've been planning my knitting for this trip over the past month, and likely completely overestimating how much I can possibly accomplish on flights where I would best be served by sleeping. This is possibly more thought than I've put into the presentations I'll be giving, and all the other work stuff on the agenda. But I digress (because talking about work on my blog is not my style...)
So the proposed packing list included the Clapotis, which is coming along quite nicely, and a sparkly scarf in a really cool silk yarn that has sequins in it, as well as some yarn to start some socks, and a hat I was thinking about. But is probably a lot more than is really necessary and when suitcase & briefcase space is at a premium, prioritization and being realistic becomes an necessity. So, no socks and no hat. But I will bring The Omnivore's Dilemna, which has been on the to read list for over a year, in case I finish up the knitting.
So there will be few (if any) posts over the next few weeks, but there should be a few good pics when I'm back.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One item finished, two more started

The February Baby Sweater is done! It looks pretty good - I picked up the buttons at Cloth and Bobbin, where I had intended to take the quilting class. Yes, that's right - intended. So that didn't exactly happen. A few days before the class was going to start, I learned that I was going to be out of town during two of the four classes. So it didn't make so much sense to take the class after all. Maybe I'll be able to take another beginner sewing class in January. But, really, I don't need another hobby.
Here is the FBS:
Look for this picture on the Loop blog!
I had a nice email chat with Tante Sophie - I saw the Mocha Scarf pattern on the Purl site, but wanted to order directly from the designer. Love the pattern which is quick and clever. The ruffles are picked up from the body of the scarf, creating a nice warm scarf. I'm working on the trim on the ends now - should be done soon. Isn't the brushed suri yummy? The color is called toasted marshmallow. Double yum.
The picture kind of looks like a worm...

And since I'm feeling a bit ADD today, I also started a clapotis made with Sheep Shop 3. My mom had a lot a trouble with this pattern, but so far it's going ok.

It will be a good travel project for my round the world trip, which starts on Sunday. Destinations now include Germany, the Netherlands and China. All work, for two weeks. But it should be interesting and productive. Its a long time to be away, but should be cool - I've never been to Shanghai.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

February Baby Sweater

The last time I knit from an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, I failed miserably. I tried to make a Baby Surprise Jacket out of a really nice pink bamboo yarn, and it was a total mess. It was ripped out and restarted two or three times, and then I just gave up. The pattern didn't make sense, I kept counting wrong, and it was just a big jumble of disaster. A few months ago I was in Loop to pick up some needles, and because I have no self control, left with three skeins of Koigu Kersti and The Knitters Almanac, in addition to the needles. The February Sweater was so cute, I figured I'd give it a try, although I was a bit skeptical based on the Baby Surprise experience. I cast on for this on Thursday, and its already almost finished.
Once I got the hang of the lace pattern and figured out exactly was going on with these funky sleeves, it has been rolling right along.

One reason I got a lot of knitting time in was because we went to Dallas this weekend for Susan's birthday. It was a nice visit - although very quick. Seems like we were barely there! We'll be back in a few months once our neice, Baby B, arrives. Maybe she'll be the recipient of the FBS, although not sure how often Dallas babies get to wear wool sweaters!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


On Tuesday night, we made the perfect fall dinner. Braised short ribs, sauteed kale with apples, and polenta. Ok, the polenta was the cheating kind in the tube, but the rest of the dinner took work (most of which was done by Scott).

And last week I finished this yummy blanket for our soon to be born niece. Its the Blue Sky Alpaca Eyelet Baby Blanket knit in the worsted hand dyes. Its so soft and warm, I'd keep it for myself if it were adult sized...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Airport Blogging

What better to do in the airport when you're waiting for 2 hours for your flight than blog? I've tired of newstand perusing and my second embossed leaves sock is not far from completion, so hopefully I can save that for the flight itself.

I'm on my way home from Lynchburg, VA where I had some meetings yesterday and today. Yes, on Saturday. But its comes with the big job, so here I am in Charlotte, waiting to go home and looking forward to enjoying one day of the weekend tomorrow.

All this air travel has gotten me to thinking about all my upcoming travel, which is my scheduled "knit for holiday present time". Here are ideas on the list (recipients undisclosed!):

  • Tante Sophie's Mocha Scarf (x2)

  • A cool long hat using some brown and green Frog Tree and maybe matching mittens

  • Jaywalkers knit using some fun Lorna's Laces

  • Cashmere hat using my bargain find at String (see my stash over to the right? that cashmere. YUM)
Ok, so that is a lot of stuff to knit on a few flights, but between now and the holidays, I'll be going to Dallas and circumnavigating the globe, via Germany, The Netherlands and China, which will be tons of flight time and tons of hanging out in the hotel time. Should be enough time to finish this list and hopefuly there will be enough room in my luggage for all the fiber!