Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Things continue to come together here in Narberth. Life on the Main Line is great - everything is so convenient, we know our neighbors, there is stuff to do, and I love our house. Quite a change from Cranbury where there was nothing convenient except for pizza and chinese food, we didn't know our neighbors, and there was nothing to do.
Its amazing how much work there is when you buy a house, even if its turn key like our little bungalow. Today we had the visit from the electrician who installed the new vent hood for the stove. I never really thought much about vent hoods until we didn't have one, but they are pretty essential if you cook a lot like we do.
We also had our new pendant lamp installed in the dining room.
This was a great find from MacKenzie Childs, and I love how it works with the terracotta stucco, (which incidentally, I've decided to live with, because it would be such a p.i.a. to remove). On Friday, I'm off to a super secret warehouse sale where hopefully I will find new dining room chairs. And hopefully will have good knitting time because its 1.5 hours away.
On the Frances front, she is back in the hospital, where she had a biopsy and aspiration today. Things were getting better, but then took a little downward turn, which is how we ended up back in the hospital. We'll confirm the diagnosis tomorrow, but the news from the vet was encouraging. All the vets, nurses and staff have been so great, and the receptionists all know us now. Apparently Frances is the most popular cat there, probably because she is so damn cute and such a sweet kitty!
In the meantime, Max is enjoying life as an only cat. That will end when his sister comes back home tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Polka-Dotted Princess

Frances got some snazzy new bandages today at her vet checkup. How about those polka dots? She's not eating on her own yet, but that may not happen for a month or so (hence the tube). She's on a four times daily feeding schedule, which doesn't give her much opportunity to get hungry though.
I've decided to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket with the Be Sweet Bamboo that didn't work so well for the Mason Dixon baby kimono. I've ordered my first EZ book, and signed up for Zimmermania . I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival in the mail so I can get started. I'm not so motived these days on the knitting front - maybe because the cat care and feeding takes a lot of time and effort...
Must go - its time for Top Chef!