Monday, June 30, 2008

The cutest thing ever

In a few weeks, check back on what I'm refering to as the the cutest thing ever. But until The Bean arrives, this little dress for Ally is topping the list.

I was itching to make this pattern by Oliver+S, and picked up the pattern and some super cute fabric from Johanna at Cloth and Bobbin about a month ago. Then I got a little nervous about making something from a pattern, since I hadn't done that before. Fortunately, Johanna decided to teach a class on the dress which wrapped up on Wednesday, and I just put the finishing touches on everything yesterday.
What I love about this pattern are all the little details such as the hem lining, the topstiching on the bodice, the contrasting bodice lining.

I have a new appreciation for making clothes. Wow - so much harder than cutting out and sewing together squares and triangles!!! I'm going to make this again when the Bean comes, or the matching little boy playsuit, depending...

So now this dress is off in the mail to Ally, who can wear it when she comes to visit her new cousin in about 7 weeks.

In the rules for the project diet, I mentioned that anything for a class didn't count as a new project. Which is why it was totally ok to get all of this fabric for a Trip Around The World Quilt and sign up for the class. The last session is 11 days before my due date - this might be somewhat ambitious. Guess only time will tell.

Oh, and I just couldn't resist starting Amy Butler's Nappy Bag. Technically, that wasn't in progress, but I had all the fabric and the pattern, so it was close to being in progress. Is that cheating? I dunno. I made the changing pad last night, and am close to finishing its little carrying case. Pictures soon...

Friday, June 06, 2008

Project Diet Progress

The project diet is actually working. Two projects down so far, and haven't started anything new (buying fabric for a planned project doesn't count...). A week or two ago the baby hat and booties made it to completion, and last night I finished up the Easy Baby Quilt for my cousin's little girl Sarah.
The hat and booties have had multiple intended recipients, but I never really thought through the idea of giving such warm things to babies in Dallas, where they are undoubtably not needed. So these are moving into the "gifts for people who are having babies" pile.

This little quilt is on its way to baby Sarah, who was named for my grandmother Sylvia. The pattern comes from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. It wasn't as "super quick and easy" as billed, possible because it was one of my first sewing projects. but it turned out well. Sarah is about six months old, and it was about time this was finished.

Next on the list is the Rail Fence Baby quilt, which is moving along. Tonight I'm working on the quilt top and maybe will even make the quilt sandwich. As long as the airconditioning stays on, it should be fine. Because its miserably $#@%n' hot outside.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A comment on testing

There appear to be varying schools of thought on all the tests during pregnancy. Some women choose not to do a lot of the tests like sequential screens or ultrasounds because of false-positive rates, or misdiagnoses. Some women prefer to do all the recommended tests. As one of the latter, I'm not sure if the women who forgo the tests also pass up other tests like the 1 hour glucose screen and I'm curious to find out. I did the one hour test two weeks ago, and after borderline results, tomorrow get to go back for the three hour test. Apparently, 75% of women who are referred for the 3 hour test do not have gestational diabetes, but its the only way to make sure. I'm hoping I'm in that 75%, but its an interesting insight into why women choose not to take certain tests. Personally, I prefer to have as much info as possible, and I'd rather live with uncertainty for a period of time while further tests are done and have the full picture rather than be surprised by something potentially major. But I see how other women see the high false positive rates as something that causes unnecessary stress and worry. My biggest concern is that I may need to give up sweets for the next ten weeks. That would suck. So I'm enjoying an early dinner of lemon pasta, in anticipation of not eating until 10:30am tomorrow. That's a long time without food for me, and a super long time without food for a pregnant me!