Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Baby Presents

Some of the recently finished projects are off in the mail. Our friends in Portland recently had a new baby girl and I also knit some goodies for her big brother.

I'm now working on some socks for Scott, and I can't seem to get them the right size. I've taken the first one out about four times. I've abandoned the toe-up approach, and now just trying the conventional method from the Ann Budd book. They seem to be too big, but I'm not excited about ripping them out again. So they will just be a little large. As a sock amateur (the socks pictured above were my first pair), it may just take some more practice...

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Liza's Pages said...

What cute baby and little kid clothes! About the socks, I have all kinds of measurement guides. One good tip is on Sockknitters: "Sande Helps Us Make Socks That Fit" http://www.socknitters.com/Tips/sandesfit.htm
Here's one of many sock size calculators: The Arachne Sock Calculator http://www.panix.com/%7eilaine/socks.html