Friday, April 13, 2007

Mis-Adventures in Customer Service

The state of customer service in this country, or at least in central Jersey, is truly appalling. In the past week, I've had three not so good experiences, and I've become a complainer. Just not going to tolerate it anymore.
For the past few days, I've had a miserable cough and a fever. Yesterday, I made a doctors appointment for today so I could get this thing under control and kick it. And the timing is unfortunate because I was looking forward to my mom's and Marsha's shower at The American Girl Store in NYC this afternoon.
When I got to the appointment (admittedly, 10 minutes late) I was told by the receptionist that since I was tardy, I couldn't see the doctor, and would have to go the emergency room. Now, I associate the emergency room with oozing cuts in need of stitches, limbs in need of casts and heart attacks, not a fever and a cough. I tried to explain to this woman that this was not an acceptable solution, and that perhaps if they had taken the person who had the appointment after me, couldn't I have that person's appointment? No dice. Anyway, I was explaining the situation to Scott in the elevator, and a woman who worked elsewhere in the hospital said "That isn't right - you should call the office manager." Good suggestion - I did, and was in to see a doctor within 10 minutes, and greeted by the office manager at the front desk. The receptionist gave me the evil eye when I came back into the office.
Part two of my misadventures occurred when I went to drop off my prescriptions. I was told that they'd be ready in 30 minutes, and we went home, and I came back about an hour and a half later. Now, when I arrived, the prescriptions were not ready, and I stood there for about 20 minutes until anyone explained what was going on (and not unprompted) and then another 25 minutes until I got my prescriptions. Apparently, they needed some info on my prescription plan, but instead of calling me to get an answer, they just waited for me to return. And then when expressed my displeasure, all I got was a mumbled "sorry". So I went to the store manager and explained the saga (nicely), and informed her that I'd be transferring all my prescriptions to another pharmacy.
Not every place of business can be like Nordstroms but I would be happier if they were.
Oh, and it turns out the cough and fever are viral bronchitis. Ugh.

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