Sunday, April 08, 2007

Very Productive Weekend

Well, maybe not by all accounts, but I would say that a mani/pedi, facial, and various other spa treatments is a lot to get accomplished over the course of two and a half days, as well as making a few stitch markers for the stitch marker swap.

sewing in the seams for Leo's blanket and blocking it

and photographing my entire stash and uploading it on Picasa

Yarn Stash

and then organizing it and storing it in a Max-proof fashion. So, now I can just look up on Picasa and find out how much I have of different yarns. Next, its time for needle inventory, but that's pretty boring...

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Liza's Pages said...

I'll say you were productive. What a good idea to photograph the stash; perhpas I'll follow suit but it would take weeks. I did something similar when I created a Flickr page for my spindes which were getting out of hand! Good on you! Also, I love those stitch markers -- great idea for Mother's Day, hint, hint.