Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rhinebeck Report

Would love to have gotten this up sooner, but life has been crazy. We had a great visit to Rhinebeck. We left very early in the morning from NYC:The drive up was a bit foggy

But we got there just before 9am and the sun had come out and there was no line at the gate!
I went right to The Fold and picked up a bunch of Socks that Rock
and some roving
Wait, what is a knitter going to do with roving? Well, my mom and I headed over to The Wool Room where I received some great instruction on how to use a Lendrum. It was so natural, I bought the weel.
After some more wandering around, I saw this lovely pumpkin
Guess this guy had some of the fried pickles. There was some damn good chicken pot pie, much less disturbing than lamb chops. And speaking of food, this was good year for some organic purchases, such as some locally made cheese and Organic Flour and Cornmeal
How about these cool glass pins from Moving Mud?
There were a lot of other goodies, but best of all is seeing the goats
and the sheep!


sheila said...

Looks and Sounds like you and your mom had a good time up there! Can't wait to see the yarn put to use!

Ginny said...

Next year, I totally want to go with you guys!

Valerie said...

I'll be seeing you there next year! Glad that you had a wonderful time and came home with lovely photos and gorgeous yarn!!