Saturday, May 24, 2008

Project Diet

Earlier this week I updated my "on the needles" and "in the sewing pile" list, and it looks like I have some ADD going on. Clearly there is limited discipline when it comes to starting new projects, and starting a new project is in no way related to finishing another. Don't get me wrong - I've completed a ton of crafty projects. But lately, its taking longer because so many things are vying for my attention.
So my new plan is NO NEW PROJECTS until I finish the ones in progress. I'm wondering how long this will take - can I get it all done before The Bean's arrival? or how about before the end of maternity leave? Another good question - is this really feasible, or will I be tempted by something that I just HAVE to make, or start making?
Here are the rules of my diet:

  1. I will only knit projects that are currently OTK
  2. I will only sew projects that are currently in the sewing pile, with the exception of that cute Oliver + S dress that I got fabric for yesterday and the nappy bag, which is a just a practical thing I'll actually need (although I have already bought a diaper bag, so need is a relative term).
  3. Taking a class in something does not count as a new project, even if the class has homework (for example, the tab curtain class that I'm thinking about)
  4. There are a few needlepoint projects on my "in progress" list that frankly may never be completed. Maybe the footstool These are last on the list.
  5. Project Diet does not mean stash diet. I'm only human.
Wish me luck!!!!


Valerie said...

Those are great rules to live by. Good luck on your project diet!!

Liza's Pages said...

The footstool is last!!!!! Perhaps you'd like someone else....

Lara said...

I just wanted to pop on here and say hi. I was looking at the Loop blog and they linked over here after posting a sweater you knit, and I've been having fun seeing all your projects. I can't wait to read more, even though it seems like you might be a bad influence on what is quickly becoming my addiction. (You have 11 projects going on! Impressive!)