Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Choices, Choices...

Even though its still many moons until the Pennsylvania Presidential Primaries, I've decided its about time that I throw my weight behind a candidate. I'm sure Crafty Caroline's endorsement will really be huge for any of the contenders - probably as important as the NY Times.
Here are my thoughts so far - Bill Richardson is probably the most qualified from an international experience standpoint. For that matter, he's also got a lot of good domestic experience. His energy background would be key to reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and would probably put a lot support behind a greener approach to power generation. But, he doesn't have a ton of pizzazz. I think he'll end up on the ticket as VP.
I really like John Edwards' position on poverty eradication. Ambitious, well thought out. A bit odd that someone who lives in a home the size of a small nation is focused on eliminating poverty, but I'm will to look past it. Not sure he's as strong on the international front, and in a recent Time magazine commentary by Joe Klein, sounds like he needs some more ideas on Iraq. The guilty liberal in me gets very excited by Edwards focus on poverty, as ultimately this is one of the biggest problems in our country today.
Barack is certainly intriguing, but might need some more time, and Hillary would do a great job, but is a little smug. So over the next few weeks, I'll be doing my due diligence, and sharing my findings.
Now, off to read more about the other candidates...

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sheila said...

I hope that you are enjoying your fact finding mission on all of the canidates! It is always interesting to get other peoples perspectives on the canidates! I am currently leaning mostly towards Barrack, but who knows, things can always change!