Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One item finished, two more started

The February Baby Sweater is done! It looks pretty good - I picked up the buttons at Cloth and Bobbin, where I had intended to take the quilting class. Yes, that's right - intended. So that didn't exactly happen. A few days before the class was going to start, I learned that I was going to be out of town during two of the four classes. So it didn't make so much sense to take the class after all. Maybe I'll be able to take another beginner sewing class in January. But, really, I don't need another hobby.
Here is the FBS:
Look for this picture on the Loop blog!
I had a nice email chat with Tante Sophie - I saw the Mocha Scarf pattern on the Purl site, but wanted to order directly from the designer. Love the pattern which is quick and clever. The ruffles are picked up from the body of the scarf, creating a nice warm scarf. I'm working on the trim on the ends now - should be done soon. Isn't the brushed suri yummy? The color is called toasted marshmallow. Double yum.
The picture kind of looks like a worm...

And since I'm feeling a bit ADD today, I also started a clapotis made with Sheep Shop 3. My mom had a lot a trouble with this pattern, but so far it's going ok.

It will be a good travel project for my round the world trip, which starts on Sunday. Destinations now include Germany, the Netherlands and China. All work, for two weeks. But it should be interesting and productive. Its a long time to be away, but should be cool - I've never been to Shanghai.


Johanna said...

Caroline: Of course you need another hobby! Your beds and your friends' beds need some quilts. I'm sure they have enough sweaters and scarves already!!
Johanna, Cloth&Bobbin

Lara said...

I love the clapotis yarn! I mean, I am sure the other yarn is lovely, too, but I'm on a variegated kick myself these days. :)