Friday, November 23, 2007

And She's Off!

On Sunday I leave for my round the world trip - three countries in two weeks. I've been planning my knitting for this trip over the past month, and likely completely overestimating how much I can possibly accomplish on flights where I would best be served by sleeping. This is possibly more thought than I've put into the presentations I'll be giving, and all the other work stuff on the agenda. But I digress (because talking about work on my blog is not my style...)
So the proposed packing list included the Clapotis, which is coming along quite nicely, and a sparkly scarf in a really cool silk yarn that has sequins in it, as well as some yarn to start some socks, and a hat I was thinking about. But is probably a lot more than is really necessary and when suitcase & briefcase space is at a premium, prioritization and being realistic becomes an necessity. So, no socks and no hat. But I will bring The Omnivore's Dilemna, which has been on the to read list for over a year, in case I finish up the knitting.
So there will be few (if any) posts over the next few weeks, but there should be a few good pics when I'm back.


sheila said...

Just saw this today, and you are already gone on your around the world adventure, but i hope that you have a good time and also get time to work on your knitting! Can't wait to see the pictures when you return!

Valerie said...

I hope your work allows you to enjoy these places that you're going to see! All the places you're going are on my top ten "to see list". Safe Travels and Have Fun! I can't wait to see the knitting!