Sunday, June 01, 2008

A comment on testing

There appear to be varying schools of thought on all the tests during pregnancy. Some women choose not to do a lot of the tests like sequential screens or ultrasounds because of false-positive rates, or misdiagnoses. Some women prefer to do all the recommended tests. As one of the latter, I'm not sure if the women who forgo the tests also pass up other tests like the 1 hour glucose screen and I'm curious to find out. I did the one hour test two weeks ago, and after borderline results, tomorrow get to go back for the three hour test. Apparently, 75% of women who are referred for the 3 hour test do not have gestational diabetes, but its the only way to make sure. I'm hoping I'm in that 75%, but its an interesting insight into why women choose not to take certain tests. Personally, I prefer to have as much info as possible, and I'd rather live with uncertainty for a period of time while further tests are done and have the full picture rather than be surprised by something potentially major. But I see how other women see the high false positive rates as something that causes unnecessary stress and worry. My biggest concern is that I may need to give up sweets for the next ten weeks. That would suck. So I'm enjoying an early dinner of lemon pasta, in anticipation of not eating until 10:30am tomorrow. That's a long time without food for me, and a super long time without food for a pregnant me!

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