Monday, June 30, 2008

The cutest thing ever

In a few weeks, check back on what I'm refering to as the the cutest thing ever. But until The Bean arrives, this little dress for Ally is topping the list.

I was itching to make this pattern by Oliver+S, and picked up the pattern and some super cute fabric from Johanna at Cloth and Bobbin about a month ago. Then I got a little nervous about making something from a pattern, since I hadn't done that before. Fortunately, Johanna decided to teach a class on the dress which wrapped up on Wednesday, and I just put the finishing touches on everything yesterday.
What I love about this pattern are all the little details such as the hem lining, the topstiching on the bodice, the contrasting bodice lining.

I have a new appreciation for making clothes. Wow - so much harder than cutting out and sewing together squares and triangles!!! I'm going to make this again when the Bean comes, or the matching little boy playsuit, depending...

So now this dress is off in the mail to Ally, who can wear it when she comes to visit her new cousin in about 7 weeks.

In the rules for the project diet, I mentioned that anything for a class didn't count as a new project. Which is why it was totally ok to get all of this fabric for a Trip Around The World Quilt and sign up for the class. The last session is 11 days before my due date - this might be somewhat ambitious. Guess only time will tell.

Oh, and I just couldn't resist starting Amy Butler's Nappy Bag. Technically, that wasn't in progress, but I had all the fabric and the pattern, so it was close to being in progress. Is that cheating? I dunno. I made the changing pad last night, and am close to finishing its little carrying case. Pictures soon...

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Liza's Pages said...

How perfectly lovely and adorable. Great job, too -- you'd never guess it was a first garment!