Saturday, January 27, 2007

Damn Cat update

Ok, so my husband found the other ball of my spinning under the bed. I knit up a little square of acrylic for Max to play with instead, but he is not interested. If he got into my stash, he would probably help himself the nice hand dyed yarns, or anything with silk or cashmere in it. At least he has good taste.
Speaking of taste, we are making Green Chili Stew for dinner. Every September, a friend of ours sends a box of hatch chilies fresh from New Mexico, and Scott roasts and freezes them for year long use. Doesn't this look yummy?

As a foodie who appreciates the best of both high and low brow, sometimes I get cravings for things like Velveeta & Rotel Queso dip. Velveeta is not part of my typical shopping list, so I asked a young lady at the store where I could find it. Her response was "Velveeta... Is that an imported cheese?" Oh boy...
Since socks are on my list for things to work on this year, I indulged in some stash enhancement at Pins and Needles today. I'm excited to start on my pink socks...

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