Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nothing says Happy Valentines Day like Red Velvet Cake...

Yesterday, there was an article in the The New York Times about Red Velvet Cake . I'm a closet Red Velvet fan - I've been known to order it, especially when living in North Carolina, but probably have never proclaimed my appreciation publicly. But yesterday, that all changed. I saw the recipe and HAD to make it. HAD to. So once I got home safely on the icey roads, I convinced Scott to go the store and get all the stuff we needed. So after some fun with food coloring, we enjoyed this yummy cake.

So today at work when asked what we did for Valentines Day, I proudly proclaimed "I made Red Velvet Cake and it was SOOO good". No more red velvet shame here! I'm even bringing some of it into work tomorrow for everyone else to enjoy.

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