Sunday, February 25, 2007

String Madness

For about 2 weeks, I've been looking forward to the String sale. And today was the day. Apparently, my mom, aunt and i were not the only ones looking forward to the sale. We got there 15 minutes before the store opened, and there were at least 30 people in front of us in line. When you think about this, its pretty amazing that there was a LINE for a yarn store sale. After a bit of waiting, my aunt and I got in and did some serious damage - I scored 20 skeins of noro chenille (for what I have no idea), four skeins of classic elite cashmere, and a sample short sleeve silk sweater in cool purples, cream and camels. Somehow, I thought there would be some of their really amazing stuff on sale, but no dice. It was a total zoo inside, but unlike NY sample sale mayhem, people were friendly about climbing all over each other and digging around in bins on the floor. My mom was still waiting in line by the time we were done, but she was happy to give up and join us for Chocolate across the street. Excellent sustenance for a maddening shopping expedition.
Slightly off topic, but I'm watching the Oscars right now, and they are showing everything nominated for costume design. I think one of the costumes for Marie Antoinette had a sail-boat headpeice. Seems very strange. Did women every really wear sail-boat headpeices? Crazy.
Ok, now back to knitting... I finished the first purple sock. Time to CO for sock #2, unless distracted by more interesting headpeices.

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