Thursday, February 08, 2007

out damn sock

I should know better than to feign any competence in the sock department. I can't keep them paired in my sock drawer or on my feet in bed, let alone knit a full pair. Sock number two of the pink socks was coming along swimmingly until i did something while working on the heel flap that was irreparable, and i had to frog a good 1.5 inches. ugh. just when i thought i was getting the hang of it...
Why did I think toe-up socks were a good beginner sock option? why?

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Ginny said...

You can do it!! I used Judy's pattern to learn how to make socks, and made Oren my first pair.

I'm only just making my first pair of true top-down, heel flap socks. Hope to have finished pics by the end of the week.