Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another kind of stash

I've recently determined that my stash is reaching capacity - lots and lots of all different kind of stuff, and a few years worth of projects. Oh, and then there is the roving stash, which is its own issue, espcially since my spinning hasn't really progressed since I finished my first skein. I'm going to try to curb the acquisitions for a while in these areas, largely because I'm running out of storage space.
But today, we did some acquiring of another kind. We stopped into Corkscrew and within 30 minutes, had piled up a case and a half of wine, including half a case of Aigle Blanc Vouvray. This is currently my favorite wine and since its not made anymore, I scooped up as much as I could find which included some 90s and 98s. The good news is that our acquisitions are all drinkable now, or as they say at Corkscrew "accessible", unlike some of the bottles in our fridge which are labled "2011 or later".

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