Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Shoes, New Shoes, Red and Pink and Blue Shoes...

In the first grade at a Brearley, everytime someone wore new shoes to school, we sang a little ditty "New Shoes, New Shoes, Red and Pink and Blue Shoes...Which shoes would you choose if they let you try... " (and I don't remember the rest. Its been a long time since I was six years old.) Anyway, yesterdary I accomplished some good shoe shopping in the general vicinity of the big B. My two acquisitions include some HOT patent leather pumps and some surpisingly comfy open toed pumps. Somehow, I doubt anyone will sing when I wear my new shoes to work like we used to at school, but these make me happy. I have a specific shoe purchasing philosophy - buy quality that lasts, and take good care of them. Somehow I've found that the only shoes that fit my feet are on the more expensive end. This could be because I have flat feet that seem to have some funky extra bones (unconfirmed, but nobody else seems to have these) or because I am cursed with having an appreciation for and gravitation towards "the finer things". But if its priced reasonably, it likely doesn't fit. Really.
I used to be quite a prolific shoe shopper, but I've calmed down a lot since moving to New Jersey. Well, there were several pre-wedding shoe acquisitions, but other than that, my shoe collection has remained stagnant. Perhaps the shoe drought will end when we move to Pennsylvania. I imagine that the proximity of King of Prussia Mall to my office will help in this effort.
Today is our 9 month anniversary - we're celebrating by watching the Duke vs. UNC game (not looking good for the Blue Devils) and I'm working on the second purple sock. Almost done with the heel.
My next project is going to be part of the Stitch for Chicks -along from Get Stitchy. Over Christmas, my MIL took me to this great yarn store in Dallas, and we chose some yarn and a cool pattern for a scarf. Good occasion to get this moving along... The pattern is knit of size 17 needles, which I haven't used before. But they look fun!


Lisa said... has great shoes that are comfortable and that aren't made from leather. It's 2007 - no one has to wear dead animals, anymore. There are alternative materials available for shoes, now. Mooshoes is located on Allen Street on the Lower East Side.

Crafty Caroline said...

thanks for the idea